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Unmanned Landfill Research

Netwaste engaged Impact Environmental to run a trial of remote 3G cameras at unmanned landfills.

There are approximately 99 active landfills in the Netwaste region; only 18 are licensed. Councils had little understanding of the number of vehicles using their unmanned sites – cameras offered the potential to assist in Council planning and decision.

Impact Environmental visited the proposed trial sites and spoke to camera manufacturers, before selecting two models to install at four sites.

The trial identified issues related to mobile data reception and limitations of the current cameras.

Remote 3G cameras proved very successful at identifying commercial loads which should have been disposed at the main landfill. They also proved a useful management tool, saving staff from driving hour long round trips to determine when the site needed tidying by contractors.

Results of the research were presented at the Waste 2019 Conference, view the presentation Waste 2019 Conference Presentation.

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