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Multi Council Litter Grant Delivery

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) Litter-Regional Implementation Program (L-RIP) helped Regional Waste Groups develop Regional Litter Plans.

Under stage 1 of the EPA’s L-RIP Program, Netwaste, with assistance from Impact Environmental, prepared a Regional Litter Plan and 12-month Litter Implementation Plan.

Under stage 2 Netwaste was awarded funding and engaged Impact Environmental who worked with five (5) Councils to implement pilot projects focusing on the reduction of Litter in Recreational areas.  The work included: pre and post location inspections; pre and post local litter counts; pre and post user surveys; and litter cost analysis

Many of the Council’s in the Netwaste region didn’t have a firm grip on the hidden costs of litter management. The litter cost analysis prepared by Impact enabled them to gain a greater understanding, and to support staff build a business case for increasing focus on litter management.

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