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Sustainability Education Program

Impact Environmental Education develops and delivers targeted waste and environmental education to schools, business and community groups. Our team has experience in a wide variety of educational settings and extensive knowledge of and networks within the waste industry. We have expertise in facilitating interactive, informative and enjoyable education workshops.

In 2018, over 3500 students and more than 150 teaching staff benefitted from our primary schools program, with excellent responses from schools. Suitably qualified and experienced educators develop, administer and deliver the program, and councils and schools can choose from five existing modules:

  • 'Everything Organic' (covering organic resource recovery and processing)
  • 'All Packaged Out' (covering reducing waste at school and home)
  • 'A Look Beyond Your Bin' (covering waste management in the local area)
  • 'Let's Recycle' (covering comingled recycling and processing in the local area)
  • 'Better Not Litter' (covering littering and illegal dumping)

    A new module 'Simply Sustainability' is in development for 2019. For more information on our education services, contact:

    2019 Modules

    Better Not Litter

    This new module uses drama and problem solving activities to tackle the issues of littering and illegal dumping. Even in times of improved environmental awareness, these problems still occur, spoiling our places and impacting ecosystems. By understanding littering and dumping behaviours and being empowered by the knowledge of correct waste disposal, students are able to protect their environment and to encourage others to do likewise.

    Everything Organic

    In this new module, students explore natural systems and human systems, and our role within these. Using creative and systems thinking activities, students discover interactions between humans and other living organisms, with a focus on organic waste recycling. They learn what happens to organic waste we generate, and also workshop ways they and their families can reduce their environmental impact.

    Let's Recycle

    What does the recycling triangle really mean? Most of us know that our yellow bin is for recycling, and that recycling is great for our environment, but do you know what happens to the items we place in this bin? This fun workshop uses audio visuals to understand the dynamic processes involved in recycling, focuses on recyclable materials and highlights our role in 'closing the recycling loop'.

    A Look Beyond your Bin

    What happens to our waste in this area after we put it in the bin? Why is it so important to separate waste, and which waste items are we better off avoiding in the first place? During this workshop students learn the answers to these questions with fun activities to identify how they can reduce waste and recycle more.

    All Packaged Out

    Students discover the function and abundance of packaging in our lives, and learn about how much of this packaging ends up in our local landfill. By identifying the types of packaging their homes and schools generate, students then explore ways to reduce the packaging they consume, lessening their waste to landfill and their impact on our precious local environment.

    Testimonials from teachers:

    "(The program was) very relevant to current curriculum focus areas and practical for students' own lives."

    "How good it was seeing actual footage of recycling and organics sorting centres so the students can see where their waste ends up and what they can do with it."

    "It was a fantastic workshop, the children were engaged and the educator was very good at delivering the content."

    "The visual stimulus, props and hands on drama activities were really engaging!"

    "The students loved the outdoor game where they had to stand in the ropes. A great kineasthetic approach to teaching about world issues related to the environment."

    "(The educator was) very knowledgeable and did an excellent job with her explanations and answering student questions."

    "All lessons are presented with clarity, are fun and engaging, the kids really get the messages and thoroughly enjoy the activities. We hope you come back next year!"

  • Impact Environmental were able to deliver for Burwood Council a waste collection contract that was innovative and unusual as it anticipated future changes to collection...
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